Distance: 23,500 m.

Positive altitude: 1,350m.


Start of the Race at 07:30 am. from the village of Pyrgi to the square of the Church of All Saints in the Harakti settlement.

From the square we go down the asphalt and at 550 m. we enter a path that then becomes uphill. At the 3rd km, on the outskirts of the fir forests, follow the dirt road to the left. At 4.5 km at the wells location is the 1st Stake of the race. At this point on the right we enter a beautiful continuous uphill path for 3.5 km. We exit onto a dirt road where the 2nd Stek is located. We continue on the uphill path to “Mega Soros” the highest peak of Ainos at 1628 m. It follows a path on the ridge and ends at the parking lot of Ainos. There we enter a downhill path that passes through a piece of asphalt and ends at the “Eza” location which is the entrance to the forest and the 3rd stake of the Race. Then follows a downhill road path for 3 km. Then we meet a dirt road on the right and at 17 km we find the 4th Stek. Here we turn left and from a downhill path we reach the asphalt and passing through the settlements of Tsakarisiano, Sofata and Digaleto where we finish the race in the square where we started.

Footnote: The first 8500m of the route is uphill at 1,150m altitude.

Time limit: 6 hours.

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23.5 km

AINOS Half Marathon


Terms of participation

I declare responsibly that I have been informed of the rules of the race and I fully accept them. I know this is a very demanding race carried out in a mountainous environment and possibly under extreme weather conditions. I also declare responsibly that I am perfectly healthy and I have recently been examined by a doctor.
THE organising authority is exempt from any claim mine or those of my family, for any damage to my health, any injury or loss of life during or after the race. I accept the terms participation.

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